The Chain of Good

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Some companies are just out to make a buck. Other companies are just out to make a buck but for the sake of PR claim to do good. But then there are the companies that have always done good; who believe that doing good is essential to their business and to the world. These are the companies worth celebrating and Innocent is one of them. I know because I’ve spent the last year collaborating with them. Everyone who works there in Fruit Towers is pretty awesome and beyond that, are dedicated to funding projects around the world that help other good people become more self-sufficient — people like Ravelina Tijera. This is the CHAIN OF GOOD.

However, if you don’t drink Innocent, well then you are setting into action a Chain of Not Good, essentially unleashing a world of pain upon the universe. Hope you can still live with yourself…

Much safer to just not break the Chain of Good.

You can read more about Innocent and the Chain of Good here:

Practical Action in Peru also helped tremendously with this project and are the people on the ground in isolated communities in Peru helping people get on their feet and live better, healthier live. Visit them here:

Directed by Max Joseph
Produced by Jack Beardsley
Edited by Anne Perri
Music by Jeff Conrad
Additional Photography by Alex Gorosh